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WiseDome Inc. is a company that has vowed to set a new standard in the IT industry. The company is comprised of not just engineers and developers, but Visionaries. These are people with the incredible knowledge and understanding of today's technology, enabling them to bring custom solutions to your business Information Technology needs. We are unlocking the potential of what can be.

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The President / CEO of our company, Mr. Andre Barnett, worked alongside multiple branches of the U.S Military as well as Multi-National Forces. He has also worked with various High Security agencies within the government and in the commercial sector. Mr. Barnett has not only seen, but has experienced what our troops and the defenders of our freedom have to work with. He is now determined to make sure what they have is the best it can be. Mr. Barnett is the recipient of multiple honors and commendations from the various companies and agencies he has work with and been a part of. He knows what they are looking for and has declared a mission of this company to make sure they get it. We as WiseDome, Inc. want to let our elite team work for you. We will send one of our teams to your location to survey and provide you with a solution that, we are sure, will work for you.

Message from the CEO

Having worked on and developed many of the systems various branches of the military are using, I grew tired of seeing the high priced solutions that did not really solve any problems. I saw systems that soldiers had to modify often just to get minimal functionality, let alone the functionality they were promised. I left my last company with the determination to be the source that would be sought out by not only the military sector but the private sector as well, to provide the solutions that actually did what they were supposed to, and more. I want to give our soldiers and customers the systems that they do not have to work on, on a day to day basis, k to make sure they collect intelligence, information, or just perform the day to day tasks needed to be effective.